Saturday 10th November - Film Show
Railways in the First World War
Remembrance Sunday November 11th this year marks the centenary of the day that the First World War ended.  We thought that we would like to remember all those who fought in the War, with huge numbers not making it back to these shores, by showing how important the railways were to those fighting at the Front and those supplying the troops, as well as those needing to travel in this country.  A lot of the material we will be showing has been kindly provided by Nick Lera who sadly cannot be with us but has entrusted us with some of his very valuable archive.  At the outbreak of the War the railway system in this country was extensive and was intensively used to transport troops and materials to the south coast to venture across the Channel.  Here the rail building skills came into their own and many light railways were built from the coast to the Front where the fighting was taking place so that troops, ammunition and general supplies could be transported quickly.  The show will be a fascinating insight into the role the railways played in the four years of the War.  The show starts at 7.30pm and will finish about 10.00pm. 

Saturday 24th November - Film Show
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Saturday 8th December - Film Show
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Thursday 27th December to Friday January 4th
Massive Book Sale

Over the past year we have accumulated many new titles for our library, which now contains over 8,000 books.  However, along with these books have come many duplicates, and we have not the space to continue to store them so we now want to sell them to raise funds for our new extension which is due to start in 2019.  There are well over two thousand books which are surplus to our requirements and range from the cheap pamphlet to the expensive rarity.  We have decided to offer these books at half the marked price (this does not apply to new books) so there will be a lot of bargains for everyone no matter what your taste in railways.  Please come and browse and I am sure you will not be disappointed.  Most of the railway publishers are represented and whether it is a guide book to a railway or a definitive history or an engineman's tales, there will hopefully be something for you to take away with you.  The sale lasts from December 27th to January 4th every day from 10am to 5pm.  Admission is free.



Saturday 5th January
Railway Photograph Fair
We started holding photograph fairs as part of a bigger event with old postcards some twenty years ago.  The photographs were to supplement our postcards, but it was not long before the role was reversed and we found that the photograph element of the fairs warranted a separate event of its own.  So we launched our railway photograph fairs and have never looked back.  They have grown into probably one of the biggest events of its type in the country.

The format is that we fill the upstairs room at the museum with tables and dealers come from far and wide with their photograph stocks for you to browse through and hopefully pick up some images you have not seen, or not got in your collection, or even to illustrate an article or a book that you are preparing (subject to copyright of course).  In addition to the dealers, the museum has its own computers open to show you the database of photographs we hold (currently about 230,000 black and white images and 40,000 colour images), and you can order copies if you want them.  All in all there must be a good million plus images in the room, so you will need time to browse.  The range of material is enormous both in geographical location, subjects and dates of photographs, so you stand a very good chance you will be able to add to your collection.

The dealers who are booked in to the fair on 5th January include Mike Cremin, Roger Carpenter, Rod Blencowe, Jeremy Sutor, Mike Bentley, Mike Thorp, Duncan Chandler and Friends of Hampton Loade station.  If you have never been here before, then it is well worth the visit, and between browsing, there are the tea rooms downstairs to refresh the appetite!

The doors open at 10.00am and admission is free.  The fair closes at 4.30pm.




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