Mystery Photographs

It only took a few hours from posting these pictures to the start of the emails!  To all of you who have let us know where these pictures were taken, thank you - it has been most helpful in improving our database of photographs.  The suggested locations are listed below. As usual, you can email your comments/suggestions to

You can see previous pictures for which we now have answers by clicking here.  There may be one or two gaps, for which we know we had emails identifying them, and if you can recognise any of them, we would be pleased to hear from you. Also, if you have a different opinion, please let us know.

Also, there is one additional photograph for you at the top - if you have any ideas where it might be, please let us know.  We are putting together the next batch of unidentified photographs and will be posting them later in the month.

  This is reputed to be a Clan class engine at an unknown station in Scotland.  The bridge carries the number 159 and the parcel on the trolley has the number 69 written on to it - whether that refers to the origin or destination station is unknown - or indeed to any station at all!  Your ideas please.
.17478 -  0-6-0ST named 'Arthur Leighton' and marked on the
tanks 'National Coal Board Kent' 
Betteshanger Colliery or Holditch Colliery, Chesterton, Staffs has also been suggested
0-4-0ST 'Nelson' at an unknown port - probably Empire Paper Mills, Greenhithe, Kent
17762 - Unfortunately the nameplates of neither engine are identifiable - Harrington Coal preparation plant, Lowca 17860 - the train seems to be coasting down hill towards sidings of similar wagons, colliery-style buildings and evidence of pit waste in the distance on the left - but where?  Waterside branch in Ayrshire between Dalrymple Junction and Dalmellington near Dunaskin washery
17951- not much to help identify the location apart from the colliery winding gear and an aerial ropeway which runs across the picture just above the wagons.  The engine has NCB painted on the tank and an unreadable number.   Deep Duffryn Colliery Mountain Ash   18214 - Brush diesel shunter number D2999 in a shed without its motion
18328 - ex-GWR 0-6-0PT number 9600 without smokebox plates and seemingly on colliery duty.  Merthyr Vale colliery   18363 - 0-4-0ST named 'Elizabeth' shunting but where? - Esholt Sewage Works near Bradford
18383 - the plate on the jib reads E No.1  possibly Consett Steel Works in County Durham   18441 - Black 5 44874 double-heading a sister engine on 1Z79 - Rose Grove
18453 - climbing through the hills past a station with a disused and dismantled goods yard   Shankend   18503 - Crab number 42942 in a forlorn state without connecting rods at an unknown shed, perhaps awaiting scrapping - Birkenhead shed

18504 - a station believed to be of Midland origin
Long Preston?

  18532 - diesel-hauled empties along which coast?  possibly approaching Parkeston Quay along the banks of the Stour on the Harwich branch
18572 - a variety of motive power in the city landscape, but which station?   Moorgate   18670 - 6995 'Benthall Hall' at an unknown shed
18769 - 46238 'City of Carlisle' with 44467 (may be 44487) in the background   18770 - 46234 'Duchess of Abercorn'
97807 - Jubilee number 5634 'Trinidad' standing by an ex-LNWR signal box just outside a station train shed  North end of Rugby   115491 - SR number 167 shunting at an unknown location- possibly Dover Marine?
116305 - SR number 41 'Peveril Point' on the turntable at an
unknown shed - Newhaven shed
  116839 - An unidentified engine at an unidentified location

119064 - 64611 with a freight train on 23rd March 1967   Brechin   121262 - 61572 on 5th October 1963 with the 'M&GNJRS Wandering 1500' rail tour.  It started at London Broad Street and visited various stations on the M&GN, but this one is a mystery to us
121585 - 42104 passing a large industrial building   121944 - 34060 '25 Squadron' passing underneath what must be a well-known landmark overbridge  between Winchfield and Hook
122081 - 70020 'Mercury' on a LCGB special train carrying the reporting number 1Z09   122101 - Two 8Fs, one at the front, one at the back, but where? - possibly Tyldesley, near Leigh, Lancs?
122224 - Q6 63395 with a train of hoppers in the north-east 
Victoria viaduct near Penshaw on the Lemside branch
  122249 - 65894 with a train of empty hoppers
Ryhope Grange coming from south dock, Sunderland
122330 - Ex-HR Jones Goods 103 believed to be in the Glasgow area in the mid-1960s   122349 - D5117 with 'The Orcadian', believed to be on the Highland line north of Inverness  Helmsdale travelling southbound
122428 - 46495 crossing a viaduct  Spon End viaduct, Coventry   119125 - 64611 in March 1967.   Montrose
And a few left over from previous mystery pages which have not yet been positively identified.  
    16013 - no clues at all on this picture
17790 - not many clues here.  The engine is an 0-6-0 outside
cylinder with a ladder attached to the handrail at the top
and the running plate at the bottom, to enable access to
the top of the boiler/water tanks   Kettering Iron works?
  16280 - a seasonal picture but no clues
Chorlton Junction on the Fallowfield loop
17622 - A fireless locomotive built by Arthur Coppel,
with the initials FLB and MLB hand-painted on the boiler
 probably Empire Paper Mills, Greenhithe, Kent or Imperial paper Mills, Erith has also been suggested
  007 - This picture has defeated even our keenest 'Southern' correspondents.  Please keep trying.  Two possible clues - the owner's grandfather who appears on the photo was a signalman at Barnes Bridge and later a ticket collector at Fareham. Answers please!  There must be someone out there who can tell us where it is.
And somebody has! - This is thought to be outside the goods depot that stood on the north side of Exeter Queen Street station.
85093 - BR "Britannia" class 4-6-2 number 70000 "Britannia" on an express passenger train at an unknown location.   hip10 - an unidentified Midland 2-6-4 tank at an unknown location - possibly Barrow Docks?
6482 - A crossing keeper's cottage thought to be on the
North Staffs Railway.  Recent correspondence casts doubt as to whether this is in fact on the North Staffs at all.  Any other suggestions?
68125 - In the foreground is the trackside equipment of Raven's cab signalling system if that gives a signalling expert a clue.
6325 - an unidentified station   7614 - a bit esoteric maybe, but a North British Railway trespass notice. Maybe the landscape means something to someone
124 - LMS diesel shunter 1831, reputedly worked most of its
life at Coventry. Is this where it is?
  139 - LNWR 4-6-0 number 25775We have had Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury suggested and also somewhere between Rugby and Brinklow??


We are keen to have as full a catalogue of our photographs as possible, so if you do recognise anything about any of these photographs, please email us on

Thank you for your help.

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