Other Links


You may be interested in visiting one or more of the following sites:

Severn Valley Railway - www.svr.co.uk

Paul Garner's Unofficial Severn Valley Railway site - www.svr-online.org.uk

Both the two above, and other affiliated sites, are included in the SVR-Net site at www.svr-net.org.uk

The Roy F Burrows Midland Collection Trust - www.rfbmidlandtrust.org.uk

Railway Heritage Association - http://www.heritage-railways.com

Exeter West Signal Box - www.studio433.co.uk/exeterwest

Hagley Hall Restoration Group - http://www.4930hagleyhall.org.uk

8F Society - www.8fsociety.co.uk

Friends of Kidderminster Town Station - www.kfriends.org.uk

Restoration and Archiving Trust - www.gwrarchive.org