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  • The Bromyard Branch. By William H. Smith. ISBN 0 9534775 0 9. The book is a definitive history of the line between Worcester and Leominster, illustrated with over 200 photographs, and with 160 pages. Well worth a read! 14.95


  • Great Western Railway Stations (And Great Western Joint Stations) 1941 - 1947 by R.J. Smith. ISBN 0 9534775 5 X. This book is the product of many years research by Robin Smith, resulting in an historical survey of stations and lines under Great Western or Great Western Joint ownership which were open for passengers at some time during the period 1941 - 1947. The author has listed the companies which were involved with of a line, the acts of incorporation, and the opening dates and closure dates for both passenger and goods traffic. The stations are arranged geographically and there are maps to help identify locations. There are eighty photographs of stations on the system for which the Great Western Railway was responsible. 19.95


  • Railways of Hereford by Gordon Wood . ISBN 0 9534775 2 5. It retails at 25.00 plus packing and postage and describes in great detail the history of the railways coming to Hereford, from the broad gauge Great Western to the narrow gauge Shrewsbury & Hereford, Newport Abergavenny & Hereford, Hereford Hay and Brecon, Worcester & Hereford. It is well illustrated with plans and photographs. It also describes the operational elements of the city's extensive siding network.


  • Great Western Signal Box Nameplates by Michael Dunn . ISBN 0 9534775 3 3. The latest book under the KRM imprint which is a history of a little-known aspect of the Railway's infrastructure including details of how the plates were made and fitted, and the changes which were made to the basic patterns over the years. It also brings to life some of the characters who were employed at Reading Signal Works and created the designs. It is a hardback book with 184 pages and is well-illustrated with over two hundred photographs of nameplates and signal boxes. An essential guide to the researcher, the book concludes with a full listing of all the plates known to have been ordered - more than 4,500 in total. Retail price is 19.95 plus postage and packing.

Miscellaneous Books

  The Railway at Kidderminster in the 1940s by A.J. Turley. ISBN 095378692 - 7. During the 1940's the author lived near the railwy and the Wooden Bridge. any of his notes made during this period survive and make interesting reading. The purpose of this book is to put on record the large variety of locomotives that were to be seen at Kidderminster during that period, and to give some indication of the heavy traffic that came through.
The proceeds from this book will be donated to Kidderminster Railway Museum
Retail Price is 14.95.


  Local Book - A History of Kidderminster by Nigel Gilbert. ISBN 1-86077-309-5. The book traces the development of the town from the Middle Ages to the present day, including the industrial base that made Kidderminster a prosperous town which became synonymous with the carpet industry. Well-illustrated, 246pp, hardback. 17.99


  The Coronation Scot. The Streamline Era on the LMS. By Edward Talbot. ISBN 0 9542787 1 2. 20.00


Books from other publishers - including Reflections of a Bygone Age, Lightmoor Press, John Boynton, Oakwood Press, Black Dwarf Publications. Click here to see the list of what we have currently in stock.

We also stock all the railway posters produced by Vanessa Harrison which are 11" x 7", small enough to frame and hang on most walls. Many of these are also available as coasters at 1.50 each, and pot stands at 2.75 each. A full list is available on request.

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