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Wild Swan Publications



Abbotsbury Branch. By Brian Jackson. ISBN 0 906867 80 0. 16.95

  Alcester Branch. By Stanley C. Jenkins and Roger Carpenter. ISBN 1 905184 05 0. The history of this little-known GWR line has never been the subject of a full monograph before, and it is therefore hoped that this present volume will fill the gap in the local history of a particularly attractive part of rural Warwickshire. The book is a collaborative venture between local railway enthusiast Roger Carpenter, who has spent many years assembling a large photographic archive of this, his favourite branch line, and Stanley C. Jenkins, a museum curator and social/transport historian. 18.95


  A Gresley Anthology. Edited by Geoffrey Hughes. ISBN 1 874103 19 4. A Gresley Anthology is a selection of articles written over a period of twenty years for the Gresley Observer, the journal of the Gresley Society. The authors are varied, but all are experts in their knowledge of Sir Nigel Gresely's locomotives and trains. Most of the illustrations are from photographs taken by members of the Gresley Society.12.95

Atlas of the G.W.R. Revised Edition. By R.A. Cooke. ISBN 1 874103 38 0. 21.95

Banbury & Cheltenham Railway Vol 1 - By William Hemmings. softback 23.95, hardback 29.95

Banbury & Cheltenham Railway Vol 2 - By William Hemmings. softback 22.95, hardback 28.95

Bishops Waltham Branch. By Roger Simmonds & Kevin Robertson. ISBN 0 906867 67 3. 7.95

  Camp Coach Holidays on the Great Western Railway as at 1947. By Mike Fenton. ISBN 1 874103 53 4. This is the story of the scheme, primarily through the eyes of the people themselves, a unique look at railway history from the perspective of non-railway folk living temporarily in a railway environment. 24.95

Country Branch Line Vol 1. – An Intimate Portrait of the Watlington Branch.By Paul Karau & Chris Turner. ISBN 1 874103 43 7. Chronicles the history and life of the Watlington Branch from its opening in 1872 through its very mean years under private ownership, and rebirth under the Great Western, to its closure in 1957, the history of the line is traced in considerable detail. 26.95

Country Branch Line Vol.2. By Paul Karau & Chris Turner. ISBN 1 87103 46 1. The stations, including a portrait of the junction at Princes Risborough, traffic handled recollections of the regular traders and even the farmers who used the railway, and an account of Chinnor Lime and Cement Works. 25.95

Cuckoo Line. By A. C. Elliott. ISBN 0 906867 63 0. 17.95

Didcot Engineman. By Bernard Barlow. ISBN 1 874103 20 8. Besides providing a candid insight into the life of a Didcot Engineman, he also recalls how Didcot shed was actually operated. Extensively illustrated. 21.95

Didcot, Newbury, Southampton Railway. By Paul Karau, Mike Parsons & Kevin Robertson. ISBN 0 906867 04 5. 25.95

E.J. Bedford of Lewes. Photographer of The London Brighton & South Coast Railway. By John Minnis. ISBN 0 9-6967 75 4. 7.95

Folkstone's Railways - By Brian Hart. ISBN 1 874103 69 0. Profusely illustrated with rare and original photographs, most of which are presented here for the first time. 14.95

Forest of Dean Branch Vol. 1. Newnham to Cinderford. By Ian Pope and Paul Karau. ISBN 1 874103 05 4. 25.00

Forest of Dean Branch Vol. 2 25.00 (currently out of print)


Golden Valley Railway. By William H. Smith. ISBN 1 874103 16 X. 15.95

G.W. Goods Services. An Introduction. By Tony Atkins and David Hyde. ISBN 1 874103 59 3. 17.95

Great Western Pictorial No. 2. The Hubback Collection. By John Hodge. ISBN 1 874103 51 8. 17.95

G.W.R. Locomotive Allocations for 1921. By Ian Harrison. ISBN 0 906867 21 5. 2.95

G.W.R. Locomotive Allocations for 1934 . By Rev. N.J. Pocock & Ian Harrison. ISBN 0 906867 34 7. 4.95

Hawkhurst Branch. By Brian Hart. ISBN 1 874103 54 2. Brian Hart has spent many years meticulously researching the history of this appealing byway and he provides a fascinating account which will appeal to the casual reader as well as to the dedicated historian. 26.95

In Search of a Dream - Life & Work of Roye England. Edited by Stephen Williams. ISBN 1 874103 62 3. 19.95

L&NWR West Midlands Album . By Roger Carpenter. ISBN 0 906867 61 4. 4.95

Lambourn Branch. By Kevin Robertson & Roger Simmonds. ISBN 0 906867 24 X. 18.95

Lancashire & Yorkshire Wagons Vol. 1. By Noel Coates. ISBN 0 906867 87 8. 19.95

Liskeard & Looe Branch. By Gerry Beale. ISBN 1 874103 47 X. This book details the development of the Liskeard and Looe branch from the time of the working agreement, through the period of GWR ownership and into the era of the nationalised railway system when the line became part of British Railways (Western Region). 25.95

L.M.S. Engine Sheds Vol 2 – Midland Railway. ISBN 0 906867 05 3. 18.95

L.M.S. Engine Sheds Vol 4 – Smaller English Constituents. ISBN 0 906867 20 7. 17.95

L.M.S. Engine Sheds Vol 5 – Caledonian Railway. ISBN 0 906867 56 8. 17.95

  L.M.S. Jubilees No.2. By R.J. Essery and G. Toms. ISBN 1 874103 17 8. This account of the origins and subsequent development of these popular 4-6-0s, is illustrated with a wide variety of photo's ranging from the first engines through to numerous members of the class in both LMS and BR service. 15.95

L.M.S. Loco Profiles No. 1. The rebuilt 'Royal Scots'. ISBN 1 874103 49 6. 10.95

L.M.S. Loco Profiles No.2. The Horwich Moguls. ISBN 1 87103 56 9. 11.95

L.M.S. Loco Profiles No.3. The Parallel-Boiler 2-6-4 Tanks. ISBN 1 874103 72 9. 10.95

L.M.S. Loco Profiles No.4. The 'Princess Royal', Pacifics. ISBN1 874103 86 0. 14.95

L.M.S. Loco Profiles No.5. The Mixed Traffic. Class 5s. Nos. 5000-5224. ISBN 1 874103 87 9. 14.95

L.M.S. Loco Profiles No 6. The Mixed Traffic. Class 5s. Nos. 5225-5499 and 4658-4999. ISBN 1 874103 93 3. 15.95

L.M.S .Loco Profiles No. 8. The Class 8 Heavy Freight 2-8-0's. By David Hunt, John Jennison, Fred James & Bob Essery. 16.95

L.M.S. Pictorial Supplement to Loco Profiles No. 8. 12.95

L.M.S. Loco Profile No. 9. Main Line Diesel Electrics No's 10000 & 10001. By David Hunt. ISBN 1 905184 04 2. 14.95

L.M.S. Loco Profiles Supplement . The Mixed Traffic Class 5s. Nos. 5000-5224. ISBN 1 874103 83 6. 12.95

LMS Pictorial Supplement Part 2. The Mixed Traffic Class 5s. Nos. 5225-5499 and 4658-4999. ISBN 1 874103 98 4. 12.95

LNER Goods Services. 15.95

L.N.E.R. Wagons Vol. 1. LNER Southern Area. By Peter Tatlow. ISBN 1 - 905184 - 03 -4. 34.95

L.N.W.R Wagons. Vol. 1. By the LNWR Society. ISBN 1 874103 65 8. 26.95

Malmesbury Branch. By Mike Fenton. ISBN 0 906867 88 6. 18.95

Metropolitan Railway Rolling Stock. By James R. Snowdon. ISBN 1 874103 66 6. 19.95

Midland & South Western Jct Railway Vol.2. Locomotives. By Mike Barnsley. ISBN 0 906867 96 7. 16.95

Midland Engines No.1. 1833 & 2228 Class Bogie Passenger Tanks. ISBN 1 874103 50 X. 9.95

Midland Engines No.2. The Class 3 Belpaire Goods Engines. ISBN 1 874103 55 0. 10.95

Midland Engines No.3. The Class 2 Superheated 4-4-0s ('483' Class Rebuilds). ISBN 1 874103 60 7. 10.95

Midland Engines No. 4. The '700' Class double-frame Goods Engines. ISBN 1 874103 73 9. 13.95


Midland Locomotives Vol.1. A General Survey. ISBN 0 906867 27 4. 19.95

Midland Locomotives Vol.2. Passenger Tender Classes. ISBN 0 906867 59 2. 19.95

Midland Locomotives Vol. 3. Tank Engines. ISBN 0 906867 66 5. 15.95

Midland Locomotives Vol.4 . Goods Tender Classes. ISBN 0 90 6867 74 6. 17.95

Midland Railway Carriages Vol.2. By R.E. Lacy & George Dow. ISBN 0 906867 36 3. 21.95

  Mid-Suffolk Light Railway. By Peter Paye. ISBN 0 906867 41 X. Now in softback. Those familiar with the author's previous publications on numerous East Anglian branch lines will be only too aware of his keen devotion to his subject. With typically thorough and diligent research, no stone has been left unturned in his mission to record every aspect of the MSLR's fascinating story. The resulting volume is a magnificent achievement likely to remain the dfinitive work on the picturesque railway in deepest rural Suffolk. 21.95

New Radnor Branch. By Nicholas de Courtais. ISBN 874103 06 2. 7.95

North Staffordshire Wagons . By G.F. Chadwick. ISBN 1 874103 15 1. 11.95

Official Drawings of G.W. Coaches No.3. By John Lewis. ISBN 1 874103 42 9. 10.95


Official Drawings of L.M.S. Wagons. By R. J. Essery. ISBN 1 874103 30 5. 8.95

Official Drawings of L.M.S. Wagons No.2. By R. J. Essery. ISBN 1 874103 33 X. 8.95

Raymond Williams' L.M.S. Steam in the Thirties. By Peter Boswell & R. J. Essery. ISBN 1 874103 64 X. 19.95

  Severn Valley Railway at Arley. By Barrie Geens. ISBN 1 874103 23 2. For eight years the author of this book held the honorary post of station master at Arley. Following his first visit to the site in the summer of 1971, it was not long before he had joined the small group of volunteers working in the undergrowth to restore the slumbering derelict station which would once again be disturbed by crossing trains and the attendant bustle of passengers. This lengthy task stimulated his interest in the village and the station's past and eventually led to the compilation of this book. 6.95

Shipston-on-Stour Branch. By Stanley Jenkins & Roger Carpenter. ISBN 1 874103 34 8. 14.95

Steam Railmotor. By John Lewis 37.95

The South Wales Main Line Vol. 1 – Cardiff. By John Hodge. ISBN 1 874103 58 5. 19.95

The South Wales Main Line Vol. 2- Severn Tunnel & Newport. By John Hodge. ISBN 1 874103 76 3. 21.95

  The South Wales Main Line Vol. 3- Cardiff - Bridgend. By John Hodge. This volume takes us from the outskirts of Cardiff General and Canton through the suburb of Ely and into the countryside beyond. John Hodge has once more set out a comprehensive study in photographs and text, highlighting the many aspects of this section of the line. As with other books in this ongoing series, the volume contains large-scale maps to enhance the photographic and textual coverage. 22.95

The South Wales Main Line Vol. 4 -Bridgend (West) to Swansea. By John Hodge. 176 pages Casebound. ISBN 1 905184 06 9. 28.95

The Talyllyn Railway. By J.I.C. Boyd. ISBN 0 906867 46 0 27.00

  The Tenbury & Bewdley Railway. By Keith Beddoes & William H. Smith. ISBN 1 874103 27 5. This history begins with the sale of a part-completed, near derelict canal to a railway company, and records what happened in the ensuing one hundred and four years until the closure of the line. 23.95

The Weymouth Harbour Tramway. By Gerry Beale. ISBN 1 874103 67 4. This account provides an outline history of the line, details of the locos which worked it and the steamers it served. However, the main part of the book is a pictorial journey along its fascinating route through the streets.14.95

Track Layout Diagrams of the L.N.W.R. Section 5 - Northamptonshire. By R.D. Foster & M.R.L. Instone. ISBN 0 906867 62 2. 3.95

Vale of Rheidol Light Railway. By C.C. Green. ISBN 0 906867 43 6. 26.95


Modelling Books

7mm Modelling –Part 1. By Gordon Gravett. ISBN 1 874103 31 3. Beautifully illustrated, this book should prove invaluable to anyone contemplating the senior scale. 10.95

7mm Modelling – Part 2. Building a Layout. By Gordon Gravett. ISBN 1 874103 57 7. In the second part of this series, the author looks at the design and building of a 7mm scale layout, taking into account some of the situations in which potential layout builders might find themselves, options for types of scene, methods of construction, how much space it might take up and whether the result will fulfil the builder's requirements. 15.95

4mm Coal Wagon - by John Hayes. ISBN 1 874103 48 8. This book guides the reader through simple kit modifications using many of today's after-market products, and goes on to describe full scratchbuilds, all with straightforward text and easy -to-follow step-by-step photographic sequences. Advise on painting, lettering and weathering, enabling modellers to select the level of detail which suits their individual needs or preference. 14.95

Architectural Modelling - By David Rowe. ISBN 0906867 12 6. This popular book includes a step-by-step account of construction a model building using Plastikard and plywood. From the initial survey of a prototype right through to painting the complete model, the book abounds with easy to follow diagrams, photographs of completed models and details of various construction techniques that should prove invaluable to beginners and experienced modellers alike. 7.95

Art of Weathering - by Martyn Welch. ISBN 1 87103 11 9. Written in a straightforward enjoyable-to-read style and illustrated with examples of his work in both 4mm and 7mm scales, this book sets out to guide the reader through a variety of procedures and techniques which should, with practice, enable any enthusiastic student to achieve similar results. Card cover. 12.95

Carriage Modelling Made Easy - By David Jenkinson. ISBN 1 874103 32 1. Drawings on his broad experience, the author describes how he scratchbuilds coaches using Plastikard, His techniques apply equally to 3mm, 4mm, 7mm and 10mm scales. 12.95

  Cottage Modelling for Pendon - by Chris Pilton. ISBN 0 906867 57 6. Working mainly with card and water colours, Chris Pilton, one of Pendon's modelling team, explains the techniques he employs in constructing some of the exquisite model building he has contributed towards the project. 96 pages. 12.95
  Designing a Layout - Building a Model Railway. By Barry Norman ISBN 1 874103 39 9. Following on from the huge and continuing success of Landscape Modelling, Barry Norman takes us back to the beginning of the layout building process in the book written to explain and guide you through the design of a model railway layout. It includes a full set of photocopyable templates to help you design your own layout, but also features a wealth of well thought-out and very varied finished designs, all presented in Barry's familiar MRJ style. 104 pages. Card cover. 12.95

Etched Loco Construction - By Iain Rice. ISBN 0 906867 86 X. Another invaluable handbook, this time guiding the reader through the construction/improvement of etched brass/nickel silver loco kits. Iain also reflects on the history of the medium and includes an explanation of the etching process. 9.95

Finescale Track in 4mm. An Approach to Building. By Iain Rice. ISBN 1 874103 00 3. 12.95

Great Western Branch Line Modelling Part 1. Prototype Layouts, Track & Signalling. By Stephen Williams. ISBN 0 906867 95 9. 10.95

Great Western Branch Line Modelling Part 2. Prototype Buildings, Fittings & Traffic Operation. By Stephen Williams. ISBN 0 906867 98 3. 12.95

  Landscape Modelling. By Barry Norman. ISBN 0 906867 44 4. With a refreshing approach Barry Norman offers an original step-by-step account of how he tackles this neglected area of modelling, from his own method of baseboard construction through to painting the backscene.8.95

Light Railway Layout Design - By Iain Rice. ISBN 0 906867 94 0. With his usual enthusiasm, Iain offers a series of ramblings and designs based on various prototypes and might-have-beens, ranging from the Colonel Stephens empire to Scotland. 8.95

Locomotive Kit Chassis Construction In 4mm - By Iain Rice. ISBN 1 874103 10 0. A practical guide which sets out the author's experience of locomotive kit chassis construction. 12.95

Model Railway Layout Design - Iain Rice. ISBN 0 906867 85 1. A refreshing look at layout design, concentrating on modestly-sized fully scenic projects.. He explains how he approaches the constraints of space, money, time and satisfaction, and goes on to consider the problem of finding a suitable site. 9.95

  Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling. By Peter Kazer. ISBN 1 874103 68 2. After thirty years of narrow gauge modelling, Peter Kazer has kindly agreed to write about the methods and techniques he has so successfully employed in various scales across a variety of prototypes. He hopes to inspire others to have a go at scratchbuilding and guides the reader logically through prototypes, survey work, presentation planning, baseboards, trackwork, bridges, buildings, signalling, scenery, locos and rolling stock. 14.95

Peter Denny’s Buckingham Branch Lines Part 2. 1967-1993. By Peter Denny. ISBN 1 874103 21 6. 9.95

Plastic –Bodied Loco’s - Finescale models from RTR Mouldings. By Tim Shackleton. ISBN 1 874103 52 6. This book suggests an approach to finescale loco-building that offers greater control and a broader choice than is possible with most kits. The author shows how he combines the 'good bits' of RTR bodies with scratchbuilding and bought-in components to produce highly detailed replicas of individual prototypes. 14.95

  The 4mm Coach - Part 1. By Stephen Williams. ISBN 1 874103 12 7. This series has been designed to be read sequentially so that the reader will be guided from first principles and basic projects (in part 1), through more demanding and sophisticated kits (in part 2), to scrtachbuilt work (in part 3). Illustrating ways in which we can produce models which really do justice to their prototypes. 10.95
  The 4mm Coach – Part 2 Working with Metal Kits. By Stephen Williams. ISBN 1 874103 61 5. This second volume is structured to follow the broad layout of Part 1. The book also looks at bogie compensation and springing systems and working corridor connections. 12.95

The 4mm Engine. A Scratchbuilder's Guide. By R. Guy Williams. ISBN 0 906867 70 3 9.95

The 4mm Wagon – Part 2. General Merchandise Vans, Special Purpose Vans and Tank Wagons. By Geoff Kent. ISBN 1 874103 24 0. 12.95

The 4mm wagon Part 3. By Geoff Kent. This volume deals with containers and conflats and with the more common vehicles designed for steel and long loads, such as plate wagons and bolsters. Fittingly, brake vans will bring up the rear, together with some comments on liveries, painting, lettering and weathering. 16.95

Whitemetal Locos - A Kitbuilder's Guide. By Iain Rice. ISBN 0906867 77 0. In his inimitable and enjoyable style, the author explains how to get the best from a whitemetal kit, describing the preparation and refinement of castings, remedying faults and assembly techniques. He also gives advice on gluing and soldering, patching and correcting mistakes. 8.95


Journals and Magazines

Midland Record No’s 1-12 8.95 each 13-22 9.95 each
Midland Record Supplement No.2 6.95

Midland Record -Special Bumper Issue. No. 21 15.95

British Railways Journal Nos 16-18, 23, 24, 29 1.50 each
British Railways Journal Nos 30, 33-59 2.00 each
British Railways Journal Nos 60-73 3.00 each
London and Birmingham Special 3.95

British Railway Journal - Special N.E.R. Edition. ISBN 1 905184 02 6. 15.95


Great Western Railway Journal Nos 3, 7, 9-15 2.50 each
Great Western Railway Journal Nos 16-32 3.50 each
Great Western Railway Journal Nos 34-58 3.75 each
Cornish Special 3.25 each

Model Railway Journal Nos 1, 6, 13, 20, 28, 29, 37 1.50 each
Model Railway Journal Nos 38-49 2.00 each
Model Railway Journal No 50 2.75 each
Model Railway Journal Nos 51-54 2.00 each
Model Railway Journal Nos 55-94 2.25 each
Model Railway Journal Nos 95-105 2.50 each
Model Railway Journal Nos 106- 116 2.75 each
Model Railway Journal Nos 117- 134 2.95 each
Model Railway Journal Nos 135- 166 3.30 each
Model Railway Journal Compendium 10.95

L.M.S. Journal No1 11.95 , 2-13 9.95 each